What Are the Different Classes of Water Damage?

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Water/Mold Damage

Water damage around the home can be devastating, not only resulting in expensive restoration costs, but potentially ruining valuable goods and sentimental belongings. However, to understand water damage in more detail, including how experts provide you with a quote for the restoration process, we need to understand the different classes of damage.

Generally, there are four types of water damage, each one slightly different from one another, requiring more or less work to perform a successful restoration. This blog post will highlight the four types of classification, helping you better understand your individual restoration.

Class 1 water damage

If you have class one water damage, consider yourself lucky. This is the least severe of the four classifications, with a slow absorption rate. Generally, this classification includes minor damage, mainly a build-up of moisture on materials such as concrete and no wet carpet that needs to be restored. You can expect light repairs and a small-ish restoration timeframe.

Class 2 water damage

It likely comes as no surprise that class two damage is a step up and slightly worse than class one. Typically, class two damage includes an entire room affected by the water, including a build-up of moisture and minimal signs of water up to twelve inches up the walls.

Class two water damage, if left unattended can quickly turn into a more serious issue (mainly related to mold and odor build-up), therefore, it’s advised to get this looked at straight away, preventing further expenses and an even longer turnaround on the project.

Class 3 water damage

Class three water damage is very similar to class 2. However, this includes water that has wicked upwards of twenty-four inches up the wall, with insulation, ceilings, carpet, and other materials and items dampened by the water, and containing moisture. Despite this, class three often has the fastest absorption rate of all four classifications.

Class 4 water damage

Finally, we have class four. Class four damage is the most serious, predominately including damage to hardwood, concrete, plaster, and other permanent materials. If you are a victim of class four damage, you can expect longer drying times and an extended restoration timeframe, mainly as removing moisture from these materials is difficult and time-consuming.

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