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commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing, Jacob's Ladder Roofing and Restoration

Jacob’s Ladder commercial roofing

There’s no other contractor that can handle the problem like the Jacob’s ladder team.

commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing, Jacob's Ladder Roofing and Restoration

The partnership between Duro-Last, the world’s leading commercial roofing manufacturer, and Jacob’s Ladder, Kentucky’s number 1 installation team, creates unrivaled roofing solutions for commercial enterprises in the Kentucky area.

Both of these companies work in conjunction to implement a variety of logistical techniques, going above and beyond for each and every customer.

More recently, Duro-Last has implemented the industry’s first Duro-Last roof recycling program to recycle Duro-last, Duro-Tuff, Duro-Last designer series, and finally Duro-last EV membranes that are mechanically fastened together.

This Implementation allows contractors to send old, worn out commercial roofing components back to Duro-last, with a new modern standard installed, all whilst striving towards sustainability.

Furthermore, Duro-last takes its sustainability initiative to a whole other level with their Cool Zone® roofing system. Within the commercial roofing industry, solar reflectivity that induces cool roofing has been a pivotal factor for many years. The implementation of this new system raises the standard for single-play roofs’ solar reflectivity, providing unrivalled energy savings for commercial enterprises.

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To create sustainability within commercial roof manufacturing, the design, life-span, recyclability, and maintenance of all roofing components must meet the long-term environmental needs of modernized buildings.

Furthermore, with affiliations such as those with the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Better Business Bureau, the strong reputation of Jacob’s ladder creates the perfect match between manufacturer-to-contractor.

Duro-Last has set the leading standard for sustainability, both for Jacob’s ladder and towards commercial roofing in general. For any outfit to reach this bar must reach the five Es, these are known as: energy, environment, endurance, economics, and engineering. It likely comes as no surprise that the Duro-Last cool Zone® roofing system continues to lead and command the commercial roofing industry.

Duro-Lasts broad spectrum of unique yet industry-leading initiatives can be translated into the operates of Jacob’s Ladder. Jacob’s Ladder leads the Kentucky commercial roofing field in their capacity to execute any job across any commercial building.

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commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing, Jacob's Ladder Roofing and Restoration

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commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing, Jacob's Ladder Roofing and Restoration

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commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing, Jacob's Ladder Roofing and Restoration

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To help answer some commonly asked questions, we’ve put together a short FAQ:

Why choose Jacob’s Ladder?

Jacob’s Ladder’s partnership with Duro-Last allows us to provide a sustainable, yet high-quality finish to all properties, lasting years to come.

Is the Duro-last roofing system resistant to chemicals?

Yes. In fact, the materials used are resistant to chemicals, fire and smoke, grease, high wind speeds, punctures, and temperature extremes.

Is there a warranty protection?

Edge-to-edge warranty production – Duro-Last installations are completed using the finest metal perimeter details, protected by a comprehensive edge-to-edge warranty that guarantees the watertight integrity of the roof.

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