Insurance claims master

Jacob’s ladder is a certified insurance claims master and large loss project specialist. We are not a standard contract who claims to be a “restoration” company, we really are the full package.

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Jacob’s Ladder insurance claims master

There’s no other contractor that can handle the problem like the Jacob’s ladder team.

Jacob’s Ladder insurance claims master 

In the event of recent storm, fire, or mold damage, you are stuck with thoughts, anxiety, and stress. You likely also have various questions, for example: 

  • Does my insurance cover this damage?
  • Where can I find a local insurance claims master?
  • How am I going to afford this?

This is completely normal, you need an expert who can handle multiple trades and knows how to navigate the insurance claims process. That’s where Jacob’s ladder comes in. We are the most complete insurance claims contraction specialist in the area, there are no aspects of restoration the Jacob’s Ladder team hasn’t resolved for a wide variety of property owners.

The sequence of events required for restoring a property is unlike the typical day-to-day remodeling or renovation effort in many ways. For example, a good day-to-day standard contractor may have the required construction skills to perform the restoration, but the pricing matrix, paper trail, and filing requirements can become problematic if you haven’t been down that road before. The insurance process is equally as part of the restoration process itself, get it wrong and you could be in serious financial trouble.

About this Process

Jacob’s Ladder encounters insurance claims masters on a daily basis. However, in the past, we have come across various contractors who handle the repair work, but no other aspects of the process. During an insurance claim and/or restoration project, it’s essential that all parties understand the restoration process; including the property owner, the insurance company, the restoration team, and the mortgage holder. This includes clear knowledge of what is and what isn’t covered under the property owner’s insurance policy.

Jacob’s Ladder Damage Inspection & Insurance Claims Assistance Process:

  • We begin by thoroughly and professionally inspecting every aspect of damages to your property, documenting every detail including the roof, soft metals, structure, finishes, content, personal property, and more
  • Next, we develop a plan to seamlessly rebuild your property to meet its pre-loss condition. If you haven’t been through this before, take a deep breath, we do this all the time
  • Upon completing our inspection; we take you step by step through insurance claim filing requirements to streamline the next steps, hiding you to a faster and less stressful recovery process
  • We then coordinate all trades required to restore the property using only the best materials and craftsmanship
  • After the work is completed, we file the necessary warranty information* and certificates of completion required to ensure that you have everything in place for future reference and to process final payment from your Insurance Company.

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To help answer some commonly asked questions about the insurance claims master process, we’ve put together a short FAQ:

How much will it cost to get the damage fixed?

This depends on each individual project. However, we use the same estimation software as the insurance companies, so our estimate will be accurate and up-to-date.

My insurance company denied my claim, what can I do?

You can request a “re-inspect” from 2 other insurance adjusters if you feel you have been treated unfairly. However, to limit this uncertainty, pick a reputable insurance claims master and restoration specialist such as the team at Jacob’s ladder.

Do I need to get several insurance estimates if I think my property is damaged?

No, the insurance company sees this as a stall tactic. We use the same software as insurance companies so you’re in very capable hands, submit this once only or let us take care of the insurance process.

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