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Jacob’s Ladder provides Nicholasville Kentucky restoration solutions, specializing in roofing, storm damage assessment, and repairs including wind and hail damage.

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Jacob’s Ladder Nicholasville restoration services

The team at Jacob’s Ladder offers a variety of different restoration services to those in the Kentucky area.

While hail damage may not seem so troubling at first, if left alone, over time, the damage of your roof and other areas of your home will begin to worsen. This may affect the structural integrity of your property alongside damaging the interior. For example, if moisture is able to seep through the walls and ceilings, this will form mold and decay, presenting a health risk for the current occupiers of the property.

Therefore, to avoid further structural damage to the property, at Jacob’s Ladder we recommend hiring a professional Nicholasville Kentucky restoration contractor, assessing for hail and/or wind damage of a recent storm.

About this Process

The A+ rated Jacob’s Ladder team specializes in Nicholasville restoration, providing professional services to those in the local and surrounding area. Our team will inspect the interior and exterior of the property, identifying any worrying signs of wind or hail damage that need to be addressed, putting together a plan to take care of these as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

While you don’t necessarily need a restoration team to do the job for you, assessing the damage yourself can be difficult, especially for the untrained eye. For the best results, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for.

The Jacob’s Ladder team has over 14 years experience as Nicholasville restoration contractors, specializing in restoration repair, fire and smoke restoration, and assessment, and storm damage control.

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To help answer commonly asked questions, we’ve put together a short FAQ:

Do you only operate within the Nicholasville area?

No. Whilst the Jacob’s Ladder team provide Nicholasville restoration and roofing services, we also operate throughout the Bluegrass region, including popular locations such as Lexington, Danville, and Lancaster.

What other services do Jacob’s Ladder provide?

Alongside Nicholasville restoration services, we also provide Nicholasville roofing, water and mold restoration, disinfection and odor removal, fire and smoke restoration, and more.

How much experience do the Jacob’s Ladder team have?

With over fourteen years of experience under their belt, the Jacob’s Ladder team has completed over 1275 projects for many happy Kentucky residents.

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