How Long Does Fire Damage Restoration Take?

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Restoration

If you’ve recently been an unfortunate victim of fire damage, then you may be wondering how long it takes to perform successful and effective fire damage restoration. For starters, this depends on how severe the fire was. For instance, if the damage is only minor then repairs can perhaps be made in a couple of days, restoring your home back to normal.

Despite this, if the fire is more severe, then the fire damage restoration process is likely to take longer. However, there are more factors that impact the duration of the restoration process; of which will be discussed in this short blog post.

Smaller vs. more extensive repairs

In most instances, restoration experts, including the team at Jacob’s Ladder, can perform smaller restoration needs in a short time frame, perhaps making your home at the very least, liveable or safe.

On the other hand, however, some of the restoration processes may take weeks, or in some cases, months to restore. Ultimately, this is very independent and based on the extent of the fire damage to the property. Therefore, upon initial discovery of fire damage, you should contact a professional to receive a quote.

An evaluation is key

As previously mentioned, an evaluation of your property is key. Not only does this provide you with an accurate fire damage restoration timeline, but it allows experts to identify further potential dangers, e.g. structural damage, cracks, shatters, and smoke damage.

The sooner you receive an evaluation, the better. Oh, and it also means the fire damage restoration process can begin sooner, thus decreasing the overall restoration timeframe.

Fire damage restoration often cannot be rushed

Finally, it is worth noting that for fire damage restoration to be fully effective, this process cannot be rushed. If key areas of damaged are missed, this could result in further property damage, creating an unsafe environment for you and your family.

Often, you will find many families stay in temporary accommodation, whether a hotel or with other family members (or friends) until their property is deemed one-hundred percent safe to live in.

If you require fire damage restoration services in the Danville and surrounding areas in Kentucky, contact the Jacob’s Ladder team today.

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