Commercial Roof Installation Process: An Overview

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The commercial roof installation process is slightly different to residential roofing. But the process follows a similar and simple installation process.

For example, before any project begins, we assess the property, discuss your roofing needs, and provide an accurate quote, so there’s no nasty surprises once the work begins.

We’re commercial and industrial flat roof specialists – it’s what we do, and we’re great at it.

So, this blog post will provide you with more info on the commercial roof installation process – how we do it and a few more useful bits of information to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

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Who are commercial roofs for?

Commercial roofs usually consist of flat roofing, ideal for warehouses, office buildings, and other commercial units in Lexington, Kentucky (and surrounding areas).

As you likely already know, the demand and requirements for commercial roofs compared to residential roofs is slightly different.

For example, commercial roofing is not about looks – they’re much more practicality focused. You may install air conditioning units on the roof, or might choose a flat roof so you can have more outdoor space, perhaps even creating an outdoor zen roof garden.

Commercial flat roofing is usually cheaper than other roofing options too, allowing you to keep costs down, investing your money back into your business.

Commercial roofing installation

Our commercial roofing Lexington, KY installation process is straightforward. We take care of all of the installation work, from the initial assessment to the final screws and clean-up once the job is complete.

The Jacob’s Ladder commercial roof installation process is as follows:

  1. Free roof assessment
  2. Installation of roof 
  3. Document of work
  4. Roof inspection  

Keep reading to find out more about each process.

Free roof assessment

Whether you choose to work with us or not, we provide a free commercial roofing assessment.

We’ll let you know what type of roof you need, whether you actually need a new roof, and then provide you with a quote for the work.

Installation of roof

If you’re happy with the quote and ready to begin the project, we’ll then begin the installation of your new commercial roof.

Usually, this involves replacing the previous roof, especially if it’s damaged. And if it’s a completely different roof design, then this will require more work – but we can discuss this more at the time.

Each project is unique, but most commercial roofs involve a flat roof installation, in which we use Duro-last materials – providing you with a quality, durable, and environmentally-friendly roof.

All of our roofing contractors are professionally trained – we work on endless commercial properties each year, providing them with a brand new roof that will last for years.

Document of work

Once the work is done, we can provide you with documentation.

This includes what work has been done alongside a few legal bits – but we’ll explain this later in the project.

Roof Inspection

Once the work has been done, we provide a final roof inspection to make sure everything is up to our high standards.

We also have edge-to-edge warranty protection – so you can rest assured knowing you’ve got a great roof with ultimate protection, just in case you need it. If anything, it’s added peace of mind.

To summarize

Lexington, KY commercial roofing usually consists of flat roofing, the perfect option for office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial units.

The commercial roof installation process is straightforward, including an initial free roofing inspection, installation, and then review of the work.

Our partnership with Duro-last allows us to recycle old roofing materials, install new roofs that not only last years, but can withstand the heat (and other harsh weather conditions), are sustainable, and do your part for the environment.

All of our roofing contractors are fully trained, working on hundreds of roofs each year.

Interested in finding out more about commercial roofing? Check out our dedicated commercial roofing page for more info.


What is on a commercial roof?

We use Duro-last materials – it’s sustainable, recycled, durable, and even contains Cool Zone® technology for ultimate weather protection.

Do you also do residential roofing?

Yes! We also provide residential roofing services for the general Kentucky area.

What is the most popular commercial roof?

The most common and popular commercial roofing type is a flat roof.

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