What Are the Benefits of Flat Roofing?

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Roofing

If you’re considering installing a new roof for your home or business, you’re likely wondering whether or not flat roofing is a good option. This type of roofing is very different from a traditional sloped roof, mostly used for commercial businesses and enterprises.

This blog post will highlight the benefits of flat roofs, beginning with the lower construction and repair costs.

Lower construction and repair costs

For starters, flat roofing has lower construction and repair costs. Fewer materials are required, and generally, this type of roofing is much easier to install. Furthermore, unlike other roofs where slates may blow off in the wind or become damaged due to adverse weather conditions, there are no slates – fewer repairs and much less maintenance.

Added versatility

Alongside general lower costs, flat roofing is much more versatile than slates and slopes. For example, you can install solar panels, a rooftop garden, you can install deck construction, and other applications.

The added versatility is particularly good for those living in cities, perhaps tight on space. The added rooftop provides a great and safe space to spend summer afternoons and late nights.

Flat roofing is energy efficient

Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs do not trap unwanted air or allow cooled air to escape. Therefore, this increases energy efficiency, great for those warmer climates. The flat roofing instead prevents this air from escaping, equally fantastic for keeping your house warm during the colder winter months.

Safer and easier to inspect

Finally, these types of roofs are much safer and easier to inspect as opposed to regular sloped roofs. Damage is more visible, and routine checks can be made on the roof itself, without the need of a professional, allowing you to save money.

To conclude

As discussed in this article, there are several key benefits of choosing flat roofs over traditional sloped roofs and other designs. However, there are a few potential cons, too. These downsides include less reliability during colder weather and the need to replace these roofs more frequently than regular roofs. Nonetheless, flat roofing is a serious roofing contender, and definitely one to consider.

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