Is It Possible to Install a New Roof in Winter?

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Roofing

In short, yes it is possible to install a new roof in winter. However, this depends on technique, installation, and the weather. It is definitely more difficult to install during the winter months, but rest assured that if you require work on your roof, it is entirely possible.

The remainder of this blog post will discuss more on installing a new roof in winter, including potential pros and cons.

Shingles are more difficult to install in colder weather

Shingles and other roofing components are more difficult to install in the winter. This is because asphalt (and other materials) bend in colder conditions, shingles also become more fragile, and some tools do not function correctly when met with the colder weather.

Blow-offs and general damage

With higher wind speeds, you are more likely to experience blow-offs when installing a new roof in winter. This could cause you to lose a shingle, or worse, cause damage to the roof, slowing down the installation process, and perhaps costing you more money.

It’s not just about the roof

While the required materials for your new roof may become damaged and more brittle, it’s not just about the roof. It also generally takes longer for workers to install a new roof in the winter, the conditions are likely to be unsafe, and if the weather is far from ideal, the job may be delayed.

These are important considerations to contemplate, perhaps costing you more money, effort, and potential inconvenience.

The bottom line

It is entirely possible to install a new roof in winter. However, do expect to face several challenges, especially if considering an installation in the peak of winter. Therefore, you should budget for additional work, time, and effort.

If you can wait until the warmer months, we do recommend doing so as this will be safer, generally less expensive, and a much quicker job. Nonetheless, we understand this is not always possible for every home or business owner, so if you do require work or an installation, be sure to hire a professional team, such as Jacob’s Ladder to ensure a professional and high-quality job.

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