How to Tell a Good Roofing Job From a Bad One?

by | May 11, 2021 | Roofing

Knowing the difference between a good roofing job and a bad one can not only save you money, but it could also save on future repairs, potential water damage, future call-outs, and more.

So, before you hire a roofing contractor or team, you should look out for common signs of a bad job – this article will discuss exactly what to look for.

A good roofing job should look good…

It may seem obvious, but a good roofing job should actually look good. It should be aesthetic and symmetrical, not wonky, out of place, and generally strange looking.

You should also keep an eye out for sloppy roofing lines, different colored shingles, corner-cutting, and general inconsistencies.

Old materials have been used

If old material such as flashing or even shingles has been used, then this is going to be a poor roofing job. Any roofing contractor worth their money will use brand new materials for each new job.

Also, corners will not be cut, and you will not experience the side-effects of second-hand flashing and materials, e.g., decreased durability and an increased likelihood of leaking and water damage.

A missing drip edge

Finally, another sign of a bad roofing job is a missing drip edge. These drip edges are designed to re-direct water away from the fascia and into the roofing gutter. If this is missing, damaged, or placed incorrectly, you may experience water damage, soil erosion, and staining on the property, among a whole host of other problems.

Finding the best contractor for your roofing job

Before hiring a contractor to repair or replace your roof, you should ask to see their portfolio. Look through for any potential red flags of a poor job, such as those mentioned in this article.

This will help you steer clear of shoddy workmanship, allowing you to get the best value for your money and saving you a bunch of problems and potential roofing maintenance months or years down the line.

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