Are Flat Roofs Better Than Tiled Roofs?

by | May 4, 2021 | Roofing

There are two main types of roofs: flat roofs and tiled roofs, also sometimes referred to as pitched roofs. Despite this, the flat style is somewhat rare, with more homeowners choosing tiled, more traditional roofs instead.

However, why is this the case? Is this because pitched roofs are better than flat roofs or another reason. This will be discussed in this article, beginning with the pros and cons of each.

Flat roofs

This type of roof is exactly as it sounds, a roof that is flat and not pitched. These aren’t as common as other roofing types, but are slowly becoming more mainstream.

Pros of this type of roof include a much lower cost of both materials and construction, alongside a much quicker construction period. This is great for those not wanting to stay in temporary accommodation or for those on a particularly tight budget.

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Also, as flat roofs are a much better option if you’re planning an extension in the future, these are much easier to work around and a great temporary option if you know you’re planning a renovation and expansion in the future.

Despite this, there are some cons. Firstly, the lifespan of this type of roofing is significantly less than tiled roofs, lasting an average of thirty years. Also, water drainage isn’t as effective, but this should not be an issue thanks to innovations in new designs.

Tiled roofs

So, what about tiled roofs? Firstly, pitched roofs generally last much longer than it’s counterpart, flat roofs, making use of higher-quality materials and construction. Furthermore, tiled roofs are much better at draining water, reducing your risk of a flood or general water damage to your property.

Plus, when you choose a pitched roof, you benefit from higher ceilings and increased space, allowing you to do more with your existing footprint.

Nonetheless, there are some cons, too. Mainly, tiled roofs cost a lot more than flat roofs, both in the materials and construction.

The bottom line

Deciding between a flat roof or a tiled roof can be difficult. However, both these types of roofs contain very clear pros and cons, making your choice a little easier.

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