Does a Black Roof Make Your House Hotter?

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Roofing

You’re likely familiar with the concept of the color black absorbing light and converting this into heat.

It’s why you’re advised to wear lighter colors on a hot day, especially white, to reduce heat build-up further.

But how does this concept apply to roofing? Is a black roof a good idea? Or does it make your house hotter?

A black roof will make your house hotter compared to other colors.

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Is a black roof a good idea?

In colder climates, black roofs can be a great idea and investment.

As the color black absorbs light, creating heat, the top of your house will be warmer than other colors.

Although subtle, this can help bring down heating costs in these colder climates, especially where you have the heating on most of the year.

But for hotter climates, black roofing is usually not the best idea. This is because the absorbed heat will heat up an already hot house, resulting in higher cooling costs through air conditioning (or other methods).

What are the disadvantages of a black roof?

Although you may be set on black roof shingles, there are a few potential disadvantages you should note:

  • Black roofs don’t reflect sunlight well – but you already knew this!
  • They are often less durable – the material used to make black shingles is sometimes less durable than others. Ask your supplier beforehand and compare lifespan to decide what color (and type) is best for you.
  • Increased moisture in the home – with added heat may come added moisture. This can lead to a build-up of mold, causing ventilation issues and perhaps other side effects if the mold is not dealt with in a timely manner.

What color roof is the coolest?

As you’d expect, white roofs are the coolest – these do not attract as much light and heat, allowing your house to stay a little cooler.

But then again, who has a white roof? You likely can’t remember the last time you saw one.

Instead, we see plenty of bronzes, browns, greys, and green shingles.

So, if you’re thinking about replacing your roof, think about the color you wish to choose for the best results (climate dependant, of course).

Does roof color affect temperature?

Yes! As previously mentioned, roof color does affect the temperature of your home (especially the upper floors).

In hotter climates, you should use lighter colors, such as whites, as these reflect light.

Alternatively, in colder climates, darker colors such as black are great for absorbing the heat and providing a little heat boost to the upper floors of your home.

The bottom line

Many people underestimate or do not give a second thought to the color of their roof.

Often, it’s a case of choosing a similar color roof to neighboring houses, fitting in, and ensuring your house does not look out of place.

But there’s a lot more thought that should go into what color your roof is.

As a general rule of thumb: hotter climates should choose lighter colors for their roof, and colder climates should choose darker colors.

If the climate you live in is mixed, perhaps with cold winter and hot summers, then somewhere in the middle is a great choice (brown or bronze).

Frequently asked questions

We’ve provided you with a short FAQ section below, answering a few commonly asked questions about roofing and roof colors.

Will a black roof make the house hotter?

Yes. A black roof will make the house hotter, but equally, a lighter shade will make the house cooler. So, choose your roof color depending on the climate you live in.

Is a black roof hotter than grey?

Black roofs will be hotter than grey, especially during the summer months and in hotter climates. However, the difference between a black and grey roof color and the heat absorption it provides is likely marginal.

What is the best color roof to reflect heat?

Lighter colors such as white are the best for reflecting heat, helping cool down your property with no additional air conditioning or cooling systems in place.

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