5 Tips for Water Damage Repair – DIY

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Water/Mold Damage

If you haven’t got the right insurance in place or you’re looking to save an extra buck, you may choose to undergo water damage repair yourself.

There are numerous things you should know about water damage restoration. However, this blog post will provide you with a few useful tips to get started.

Please note: water damage repair is often dangerous – we always recommend contacting a professional.

Turn off the electricity

Upon entering a water-damaged property, after making sure it’s safe, you should turn off the electricity.

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Water and electricity don’t mix – it’s something we all know, but forgetting to cut the power could be lethal, perhaps leading to death.

Move any furniture and belongings

If possible, you should move any furniture and belongings from the water-damaged area. This could mean moving furniture upstairs, to a storage unit, or just out of the property.

It’s essential to move these belongings to assess the damage, appropriately dry them, and see the extent of the water damage repair job.

Be cautious of mold and other bacteria

If your property has been affected by water for more than 24-hours, then chances are there’s going to be mold and spores.

It is crucial to wear a proper mask to prevent you from becoming seriously ill. Even if you can’t see them, mask up and protect yourself.

Begin removing the water and beginning the water damage repair

If there is still water in the property, you’re going to want to start removing this. Whether using a bucket or hiring a pump, removing the water as soon as possible is essential.

Removing the water prevents further damage, build-up of mold, spores, and other harmful bacteria and can protect your property against structural damage.

Once the water has been removed from the property, you should begin assessing the extent of the damage.

For example:

  1. Are you going to need to replace the drywall or insulation?
  2. Is there a large build-up of mold?
  3. Is the property structurally sound?

These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to water damage repairs.

If you’re unsure, always contact a water damage repair expert

Typically, we do not recommend dealing with water damage repairs by yourself. Instead, we would suggest working alongside a professional team of restoration experts.

Not only is this safer for you, but it’s also quicker, they have the right equipment, and the job can be performed to a higher standard.

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