How to Stop a Metal Roof from Leaking

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Roofing

If your metal roof is leaking, repairing this as soon as possible is essential. Not only does this prevent the obvious leak, but this prevents further water damage, a build-up of mold, and other harmful bacteria.

There are numerous reasons why your metal roof may be leaking, more so than other types of roofs. However, if you have recently experienced adverse weather, whether severe flooding or heavy wind, then this may be the main culprit. Nonetheless, this article will highlight several reasons not only why your roof may be leaking, but how to fix this, too.

Missing or worn down roofing sealants on your metal roof

A common reason why many metal roofs leak is due to missing or worn down sealants. Often, these sealants used on roofs are not built to last the same length as the metal roof itself. Therefore, regular maintenance is required, re-sealing the roof and trim around metal ridges and other roofing components to prevent further leaks.

Using longer-lasting seals and high-quality workmanship ensures these seals last longer, preventing any leaks.

Improperly driven roofing screws

Another regular issue as to why your roof may be leaking is due to improperly driven screws. Over time, and due to poor weather conditions, screws may become misaligned and improperly driven.

Once these screws are improperly driven, this results in a gasket between the roofing panel and the head of the screw, effectively placing these at the incorrect angle where water can seep through the roofing material and fixture.

Poor overlaps

Finally, another reason why your metal roof may be leaking is a result of poor overlaps. Sometimes, these can become worse due to severe weather and wind. However, working with a team of expert roofing contractors will help prevent these issues from the very beginning.

Regular metal roof maintenance is key

As with all roofing types and materials, including metal roofing, regular maintenance is key to prevent leaks and further damage. Ideally, you should work with a professional roofing contractor for a proper inspection. As opposed to inspecting the roof yourself, working with an expert allows you to spot things and issues in which you may have missed.

The bottom line

This article has highlighted a few reasons as to why your roof may be leaking. However, as you may have expected, regular roof maintenance is crucial to prevent any leaks in the first place.

If you require assistance with a leak on your metal roof, or a leak with any other roofing material, then contact the Jacob’s Ladder team today.

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