How to Prevent Dampness and Mold Build-up in Your Home

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Water/Mold Damage

Dampness and mold build-up are common problems in many homes, a result of excess moisture or condensation, either an intrusion from the outside or created within the property itself.

Both mold and dampness have a distinct, musty smell; when you open a damp room, it’s hard to mistake it. Mold and dampness can form for numerous reasons, for example, insufficient ventilation, poor home maintenance, or a leak resulting in water pouring into the property.

This article will provide you with a few tips on how to prevent the build-up of dampness and mold in your home, beginning with reducing condensation.

Reducing condensation

Condensation is the build-up of excessive moisture in the home, most likely to form on glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and shower screens. Next time you take a shower, ensure the extractor fan is turned on. Similarly, once you’re done, open the window for at least thirty-minutes, ideally longer, allowing the room to air out and remove the excess moisture.

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Failure to do so will likely result in dampness and mold – this is why these are most common in bathrooms and kitchens.

Don’t dry your washing indoors

Drying your washing indoors will also contribute to added moisture, especially if you don’t take the necessary precautions. For instance, you should open a window when drying washing, allowing moisture to escape. This will also dry your clothes quicker, so it’s a win, win.

If you can’t dry your washing outside, consider running a “spin and dry cycle” on your washing machine to speed up the drying process. Alternatively, use a tumble dryer and avoid the problem entirely.

Dry wet materials and surfaces immediately

After using the shower, you should wipe wet surfaces immediately. Similarly, if you have a leak in your roof, this should be taken care of as soon as possible. Failure to attend to this will result in water damage and a build-up of moisture and mold.

This is not only far from a pleasant sight, but can be dangerous, too. Follow these tips outlined above, and you’ll prevent the build-up of mold and dampness in your home, creating a safe and pleasant living environment.

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