When you are stuck with the thoughts, threats, and stress of sudden damage from storms, fire, water or mold in Central Kentucky, you need an expert who can handle multiple trades and knows how to navigate the insurance claims process.

Being the most complete Insurance Claims Contraction Specialist in the area, there are no aspects of the Restoration we have not resolved for different property owners.

Have you ever wondered how many buildings in Lexington, KY have asphalt shingles? Four out of five homes in Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding areas are protected by asphalt shingles.

With years of residential roof contracting in Lexington, KY we have provided damage inspections, storm damage repairs, general maintenance, emergency repairs and insurance claims contracting for many satisfied residents in the Bluegrass Region.

As a proud member of the National Roof Contractors Association (NRCA), we stay abreast of all the latest roof industry information and use only top-notch materials and expert installers.

We are so committed to providing our clients with the most outstanding customer service and quality installation that we extend one of, if not THE best work warranties in the business: 10-year workmanship warranty transferable to the new owner if you sell your home

At each step of your project execution, you will feel the difference when you choose Jacobs Ladder Residential Roofing

From the moment of your first phone call you will be greeted by a company comprised of industry experts with a significant attention to detail. Every project has unique circumstances and often complex problems that are layered and/or hidden.

At Jacobs Ladder we go above and beyond to provide simple solutions to complex problems.  We offer you a step-by-step, easy to understand process, providing before, during and after photos.

Our Superior Process Offers:

  • Roof inspection: We document all damages to your shingles and flashing details
  • Free Estimates: We provide personalized, timely and accurate solutions
  • Added Value: We offer the only in-house Architecture and Insurance Adjuster insights available
  • Material Staging: We coordinate material placement with the least impact on your lifestyle
  • Job Installation: We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver only the safest and cleanest jobs in the market
  • Warranty Filing: We register and document all your product information for easy access later
  • Referral Program: We offer significant rebates and/or compensation for personal referrals.

"Want to thank the great folks at Jacobs Ladder, they got my roof on today while I was working, got home, it looks beautiful, and they left no mess!! I feel very blessed to have met these wonderful ppl. My home means everything to me, and I have worried so much about getting this done, they made it so easy for me!!! Can't thank you guys enough!"

Melinda G - Nicolasville KY

Not too many Roofers have the Superior Building IQ that
Jacobs Ladder has.

At Jacobs Ladder we have the certification that matters, the experience that guides and the educational background that adds significant value to your roof replacement.

It is one thing to know roofs, which we do, and it is totally another matter when you know every aspect of the dwelling. Our background includes; Architecture, Design/Build, Insurance Adjusting, Disaster Inspections, Construction Management, Property Management and Building Material Science. Not too many roofing contractors have the diversity to match our skill sets which ultimately leads to a more integrated and water tight solution for your roofing needs! This is unmatched by other roofers in the Central KY area.

Our Products

Asphalt Composite Shingles
Owens Corning™ and Jacobs Ladder can make this a positive experience — an opportunity, really. This is your chance to choose a roof that not only has outstanding performance, but also exceptional beauty. One that can transform the look of your entire home! So for years to come, you’ll feel great every time you pull in the driveway knowing you have a beautiful home with a new roof that will guard and protect it.

Our Commitment

Industry Approved Installation
The essentials for a healthy roofing system! It takes more than just shingles to create a high performance roof. It requires a system of products working together.  Jacobs Ladder has the certified experience to install  Owens Corning™ Roofing Essentials™ Accessory Products that work with our shingles to make up a roofing system that provides maximum durability for your roof and the highest level of protection for your home.

Workmanship Warranty

Best Work Warranty In The Industry
Here at Jacobs Ladder, we stand behind our work! Most companies offer a Limited 5-year warranty. We are so confident that we get it done right the first time that we extend a full 10-year warranty including interior damage and/or interior finishes!  This warranty is also transferable if you sell or transfer your property. This alone is just another reason to choose Jacobs Ladder for your Asphalt Shingle Roofing needs.