7 in 1 Indoor Air Remediation

  • Disinfects
  • Sanitizes
  • Kills Mold
  • Eliminate Allergens
  • Eliminate Odor
  • Disease Control
  • Environmentally Safe

We Use E.P.A Registered Hospital Disinfectant

  • Is Effective against a wide range of virus and bacteria
  • In clinical trials provided a decrease of 95% Acinetobacter HAI rate.
  • Will not promote the growth of drug resistant super bugs.
  • Safe for on treated articles, carpeting, fabrics, flooring, frequently used surfaces – no need to rinse or wipe off. 
  • Effective at removing blood stains and other body fluids.

How do we do it?

Our “WRAP AROUND” Electrostatic Spray Technology creates 100% coverage of any surfaces. We provide a go-to electrostatic spray choice for homes and commercial spaces.

As the chemicals pass through the electrostatic gun, a single drop becomes 900 droplets of odor removing, mold stopping, allergen eliminating, and infectious disease killing mist. The negatively charged atoms move against gravity in an upward direction, there is no need to move furniture, appliances, rugs drapes or anything and everything can stay where they are while we spray.

Disinfect HVAC and Air Ducts

Effectively disinfect HVAC and Air Ducts by inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria, fungi, and other odor, stain  and damage causing organisms in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.


  • Furnaces
  • Air Handlers
  • Rooftops and Packer Terminal Air Conditioner Units (PTAC)
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Air distribution mixing boxes, transfer boxes and associated components

A common size house can be completely treated in just a few hours. We treat the HVAC system, Attic Space, Crawl Space, Closets, Bathrooms, Kitchen and everything! Get this; we handle your project with the same commitment just like when we handle ours, and we leave your space completely disinfected and purified.*

*We are not a cleaning company. We are a Restoration Company. Though it is not required, we suggest that your property be cleaned (vacuum, dusted, swept, mopped) prior to your environmental reset application. Our result will still be the same either way. But if the dirt is left unattended you will end up with very clean dirt. Although this product is used in our Mold Remediation and does kill and inhibit mold growth for up to 7 months, it is not a substitute for the mold remediation process. Please see our Water & Mold Damage services for more information about mold remediation.

How does our process work on Viruses & Bacteria?

Viruses are eliminated through selective oxidation.  First attacking the viral envelope then the core protein preventing the production of protein and destroying the virus. 

I you think a surface has been infected spray surface at 100% saturation and let air dry.  

Bacteria are also eliminated through Selective Oxidation.  Our process attacks the proteins in the cell wall then disrupting the protein synthesis effectually killing the bacteria.  Our Procedure is effective in both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Ready To See Electrostatic Spray In Action?

  • Our advanced electrostatic technology provides the safest, quickest and most cost-effective way to disinfect without the
    threat of cross-contamination or threat to life.
  • The technology produces small electrically charged droplets that seek out and wrap around the source,
  • The EPA approved solution kills the contaminant. All while leaving no residue.
  • Our superior delivery system helps provide 100% coverage of an exposed surface including the backside, underside, cracks,
    and crevices of hard-to-reach areas.
  • The formula used is completely safe around children, pets and plants!

The Science Behind Electrostatic Spray Technology

One drop of solution makes 900 droplets. Atomized Droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle. Negatively charged electrons are attached to the droplets.

The droplets will reverse direction and move against gravity to coat even the hardest to reach surfaces. No moving heavy furniture or appliances required.

The negatively charged droplets are carried in an air stream towards the surfaces. The surface has a natural positive charge, the droplets are magnetically stuck to the surface. Droplets follow the electrical field lines and wrap around the target bonding to the surface.

No more spray and wipe! Jacobs Ladder is the only source for a product bonds to all
surface and does its work as it dries!

Reset Your Environment to PURE!

Regardless of your indoor air environment Jacobs Ladder can turn the worst contamination into a safe and health space to live, work or play.

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Office
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Day Cares
  • Gyms
  • Green Houses
  • Vet/Equine
  • Attics
  • Crawl Space
  • HVAC Ducts