Have you been on the search for a Large Loss Design/Build Commercial Property damage restoration service in Kentucky? Search no more! There’s simply no other contractor that can handle the whole problem like the team at Jacobs Ladder.

Not too many roofing or restoration contractors have the diversity to match our skill sets which ultimately leads to a more feasible, integrated and water tight solution for all your restoration and roofing needs. This combination of experiences is simply unmatched by other “restoration” contractors in our market.

Our background includes:

  • Forensic Architecture
  • Field Engineering
  • Commercial Design/Build
  • Insurance Adjusting
  • Disaster Inspections
  • Construction Management
  • Property Management
  • Building Material Science

With such a diverse background as Jacobs Ladder, you can see why we have become Kentucky’s “one-stop-shop” for Insurance Adjusters and Property Owners who need Commercial Property Damage & Large Loss Claims Contracting.

We provide the following service for
our Large Loss Clients:

  • Damage Assessment & Estimating Services
  • Architectural Review & Construction Feasibility Services
  • Large Loss-Design/Build Construction Services

We can address all aspects of your Large Loss Restoration project
and have everything you need in-house!

Damage Assessment & Estimating Services

The pricing matrix, paper trail, and filing requirements, which are just as much a part of the restoration process as the work itself, can be very problematic and confusing if you have not been down this road before. Knowing how to run the estimating software is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing what you are looking at and understanding the efforts involved with the reconstruction is an entirely different story.

At Jacobs Ladder, we have combined our strong background in Commercial Construction with our professional experience in Architecture and hands on Insurance Adjusting and Claims writing to create an industry leading Commercial Design/Build Large Loss assessment and estimating service.

Field Documention

What do we look out for? Everything! We roll up our sleeves and comb through every aspect of the building composition while documenting the precise aspects required for the reconstruction. Learn more about our Field Documentation on our damage Inspection page.

Repair Estimating

How do we do it? We use industry leading software to produce our rebuild estimates in a language familiar to our market ensuring that items noted have an accurate cost database that is less likely to encounter dispute. We don’t provide quotes that break the bank!

Product Availability

Why do we do it? Simple! Building materials are our life! We check on the availability and manufacturing status; we can also coordinate special testing for hazardous content.
This is all second nature to us.

Architectural Review & Construction Feasibility Services

Do you have your estimate basically covered, but still need feedback as to the construction feasibility? In many cases, it is difficult to assess the “what if’s” and “how to’s” of rebuilding a commercial property. Typically restoration contractors may have some experience or even claim to “specialize” in Insurance Claims Contracting even if they know commercial construction inside out.  But it is very difficult to find a company that has merged these bodies of knowledge. If you find yourself at a loss in communicating a scope of work, or need some tuning up of the solution for reconstructing a Large Loss Claim, the team at Jacobs Ladder have formulated a company that can help solidify the confidence of all involved.  We assist in communicating and producing a – for a fact – it can be done – solution for Adjuster and Property Owners.

Site Analysis
We provide site analysis looking at all the logistics involved which help determine the complexity of projects and if the associated mobilization and set-up cost are warranted and/or accurate.

Solution Analysis
We advise Insurance Adjusters and Property Owners of the best options of creating a sensible solution for complex problems associated with a reconstructing a Large Loss project.

Building Analysis
We go through all existing and remaining building conditions, cross checking the proposed reconstruction solution for its feasibility and relationship to tie-in’s and finish details.

Large Loss - Design/Build Construction Services

At the onset we can effectively and efficiently handle it all; from assessing the damage, designing a solution for the rebuild, filing all the necessary permits and approvals to get the project moving and coordinating all the trades and suppliers. All parties involved are well informed as to the Accurate Scope of Loss, the Rebuild Design and the Construction Costs associated for your Large Loss Reconstruction.

Construction Documents

With our in-house Architecture services, we can expedite the reconstruction of a project, which can save both the Insurance Company and the Property Owner precious time needed to get the business back open and shorten the financial hemorrhaging from the loss to both parties.


Starting a restoration project timely and getting out fast is critical to a successful project completion. It is important to do so in a way that doesn’t do further damage to any building elements that are to remain. This takes diligent effort to monitor the demolition effort to aid in a more streamlined rebuild process.

Field Engineering

Once everything is completely demoed, it’s time to go to work! We begin by securing and shoring up the remaining structure, layout new structural components and determine what structural improvements are required. Jacobs Ladder provides all Field Engineering Services to assist in installing all structural elements required.

Structural Steel

In Commercial Large Loss it is commonly required to install new Structural Steel elements. It is not so common to find a Restoration Contractor that knows how to interpret the design, review the shop drawings and install these elements. This aspect of knowledge is one of the examples that really help separate what Jacobs Ladder can bring to the table compared to the rest of the herd.

Commercial Roofing

Our Commercial Roofing clients speak for us in this category. (Please see our commercial Roofing page to learn more). We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association ensuring we are always accruing new knowledge and procedures. We are also a Certified Duro-Last roofing Contractors and we offer a line of products with the best warranties in the market.

Interior Fit-Up

When it comes to interior fit-up and finish out, it can be very broad in design options and material choices. With the experience of the Jacobs Ladder team having over $52M in completed Commercial Design and Construction Projects behind us, we can rapidly narrow down these choices to value engineer some of the options to more effectively “Update” the look and feel of your reconstructed property.