Lexington water and mold damage repair

Certified Lexington water and mold damage repairs in the local Kentucky area. Whether a result of water damage, flooding, or poor ventilation, the Jacob’s Ladder team is here for you every step of the way.

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Jacob’s Ladder Lexington water and mold damage repair

The team at Jacob’s Ladder offers a variety of different water and mold repair services.

Severe weather, including flooding, can cause notable water damage to a property. This can end up costing the property owner thousands of dollars in repair costs. Water damage can damage the foundations of the property, the integrity of the structure, interior and exterior elements, and may also damage or destroy personal belongings. 

Similarly, if water damage to a property is left untreated, this is likely to build-up mold within the property. This is a harmful bacteria to the residents of the property and to the health of the property itself. However, in particular, detecting damages to foundations early is especially important. If foundations sustain significant damages, these can be hugely expensive to repair.

The Jacob’s Ladder team and our Lexington water and mold damage repair service assesses and restores all areas of the property that have sustained water damage.

About this Process

The majority of homeowner insurance policies include general property damage. However, many insurance policies do not include water damage or flooding damage. If this is included, it will often not cover the damage to the full extent.

Consequently, restoring a property from flood damage can quickly become an expensive process. Therefore, it’s essential to spot signs of water damage early-on, saving on costs or perhaps even preventing flooding in the first place.

Signs of water damage include:

  • Cracks in the property foundation
  • Creaky floors
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • A build-up of moisture in the property
  • Compromised bricks
  • Standing water in or around the property

Furthermore, as a result of water damage, and if this is left untreated, mold may develop in the property. This can also be a result of poor ventilation and the build-up of moisture within the property.

Signs of Mold Presence include:

  • Strange musty odors
  • Stained and discoloration in walls
  • Symptoms of health problems including aggravated asthma, lung problems, rashes, sneezing, coughing, irritation of the eyes and more
  • Visible growth

The expert Jacob’s Ladder Lexington water and mold damage repair team can remediate mold and water damage repairs. We can also prevent the re-growth of this harmful bacteria, a necessity for all properties.

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To help answer commonly asked questions, we’ve put together a short FAQ. You can find this below:

Do you only work in the Lexington, Kentucky area?

We also offer our Lexington water and mold damage repair services to those in the general Kentucky area. Other locations include Danville, Lancaster, and Nicholasville, to name a few. 

What other services do Jacob’s Ladder provide?

Jacob’s Ladder also provides Lexington roofing, disinfection and odor removal services, and fire and smoke restoration (and more). 

How much experience do the Jacob’s Ladder team have?

In total, the Jacob’s ladder team has fourteen years of experience in Lexington water and mold damage repair and other services. During these twelve years, the team has completed more than 1275 projects for many happy property owners.

To find out more about the Jacob’s Ladder team, click here.

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