Lexington Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Jacob’s Ladder provides unmatched Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration services in the Kentucky area. Our team takes care of the entire restoration process, including debris removal and demolition to water extraction and smoke odor removal. 

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A fire in your property, home, or place of work is no doubt a traumatic experience. Whilst the experience itself may leave you feeling slightly lost, the restoration process is also demanding.

The Jacob’s Ladder Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration team are here to help you. We take care of the restoration project in a quick and timely manner, so that you don’t have to. Our highly-qualified team has over twelve years of experience under their belt, equipped to the max to restore your property in no time whatsoever.


It may seem that once the fire has been extinguished, the danger has passed. However, this is not the case. What is left behind (smoke damage, debris, smoke odor) will continue to affect the property. Lexington fire and smoke damage service prices increase the more time has passed. This is because the fire and smoke restoration become more difficult and dangerous

About this Process

Once the fire has been put out, the Jacob’s Ladder Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration team can get to work. The quicker the job is done, the better (without sacrificing on quality, of course). 

Included within our service is an in-depth fire and smoke damage inspection. Throughout this process, we are respectful of your home and any personal belongings.

Whilst the fire and smoke damage restoration process may seem fairly straightforward, it demands focused labor to get the job done. Likewise, we also take care of removing ashes from any appliances, electronics, books, artwork, and other important documents.

Many homeowners think of tackling the restoration process themselves. However, this task is a demanding one, both mentally and physically. Therefore, we highly suggest leaving it to a team of professionals, such as the Jacob’s Ladder Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration team.

Our priority is to restore your property, helping you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration service includes:

  • Evaluation of the fire 
  • Water extraction
  • Smoke & odor removal
  • Structural drying 
  • Demolition & debris removal
  • Reconstruction, board ups, roof tarps, & interior finishes
  • Structural shoring & stabilization

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To help answer commonly asked questions, we’ve put together a short FAQ below:

Do you only work in the Lexington Kentucky area?

No. We also provide our Lexington fire and smoke damage restoration services (and others) to the general Kentucky area. Popular locations include Lancaster, Danville, and Nicholasville.


What other services do Jacob’s Ladder provide?

We also offer Lexington roofing, restoration, storm damage repair, disinfection and odor removal, and water and mold damage restoration services.


How much experience do the Jacob’s Ladder team have?

The Jacob’s ladder team has completed over 1275 projects in fourteen years for many happy customers in Kentucky.


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