What Do Roofing Inspections Include?

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Roofing

If you haven’t had a roofing inspection in a while, or perhaps ever, then you should consider setting one up soon. You may be wondering: what is the point of a roofing inspection? In short, these regular inspections are required to ensure the structural safety of your roof.

Ideally, you should have an inspection conducted by a professional, such as the team at Jacob’s Ladder at least once a year. However, preferably every six months. If you have experienced severe weather or you live in a windy location, then consider more frequent roofing inspections.

The remainder of this blog post will discuss more on roofing inspections, including why you need them, and then what is included.

Why do you need a roofing inspection?

We have briefly discussed this above. However, why do you need regular roofing inspections? Mainly, this is to assess for any damage, for example, fallen parts, damaged shingles, gutters, or other roofing components.

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Not only is it crucial to spot signs of damage early for safety, but financially, too. For example, spotting signs of damage early may save you hundreds of dollars before the problem gets worse. So, while the initial cost of hiring a professional to inspect your roof may seem steep, compare that to the cost of roof repairs and you’ve got a different story entirely.

What does an inspection include?

Okay, now that we have discussed why you need a roofing inspection, this next section will explain what is included in an inspection, beginning with an assessment of the exterior.

A general exterior inspection

One of the main areas an inspection will cover is the exterior of the property. Here, the roof will be inspected, usually from below and on the roof to look for signs of damage or other troubling issues.

While you could do this yourself, firstly it can be dangerous, and second, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you may end up needing to seek professional help anyway.

Interior roofing inspections

Finally, alongside the exterior inspection, there is also an interior inspection. This usually includes looking inside a loft to spot signs of damage. However, this also includes a basic look around the property for mold and dampness and other potential signs of damage.

Once again, while you can do this yourself, working with a professional roofing inspector is usually the preferred and much more accurate method.

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