How Does Modern Technology Influence Roof Repair?

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Roofing

Throughout the years, roof repair has become more and more advanced, utilizing new modern technologies to improve efficiency and quality of repairs. One example of this is new roofing materials becoming readily available such as metal, polycarbonate, and others.

In this blog post, we will discuss further ways in which modern technology has influenced roof repair, beginning with the use of computer-aided design.

Computer aided design and roof repair

For the last few years, computer aided design has played an important role when it comes to repairs. This modern technology allows roofing companies to design roofs without ever stepping foot onto the roof. Not only is this safer, but it allows roofing companies to choose the best roofing type, design, and materials much easier and more accurately. Furthermore, this technology can also assess a roof for repairs, including costs and the required materials.

This advancement in technology is massive, improving efficiency, accuracy, and saving both time and money.

Roof repair and build estimation software

Alongside standard computer aided design, there is also build (and repair) estimation software. This software allows roofing companies to provide the most accurate quotes. This ensures the project stays on track financially, preventing disappointment and confusion on both ends.

More roofing companies are beginning to introduce this software, creating a more efficient and smooth process for both roof repairs and full builds.

The use of new roofing materials for roof repairs

Alongside the addition of various new software, roofing companies are beginning to use new roofing materials, too. For example, flat roofs are becoming smarter, metal roofs are becoming more popular, and brand new materials, including coated metal sheets, are also being introduced.

This also includes the use of recycled but equally strong materials, for example, Jacob’s ladder’s partnership with Duro Last, mainly used when it comes to commercial roofing options.

The use of drones

Not all roofing companies use drones. However, the use of drones is slowly becoming more popular. Why? Drone footage allows roofing contractors and companies to assess the condition of a roof without going on the roof. Furthermore, the drone saves HD footage which can later be re-inspected to assess for damage and other issues that may require roof repairs.

The bottom line

Over the last few years, we have seen the introduction of various new modern technologies for roof repair. These new technologies and systems put into place increase roof repair efficiency, help improve communication between the customer and the roofing company, and may even help reduce costs for both parties.

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