What Do Fire Damage Restoration Companies Do?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Restoration

If your property has been victim to fire damage, this can be an upsetting time. Often, families call in professional fire damage restoration experts to help with the restoration process, getting hands-on with the clean-up and allowing you to return to your normal life in no time whatsoever.

With this being said, however, many people do not know what it is exactly fire damage restoration companies do. So, this article will discuss precisely that, a service Jacob’s Ladder is proud to offer.

Debris removal

The clean-up following a fire can take days, and in some cases, weeks or even months, especially if you’re going it alone. Fire damage restoration experts can help clean up the debris much sooner, providing you support when you need it the most.

This process can begin once the fire is extinguished and once a damage assessment has been conducted.

A damage assessment

As previously mentioned, fire damage restoration experts also provide a damage assessment. This assessment includes an inspection of the property, assessing the extent of the damage, estimated clean-up, and associated costs.

This process is routine and essential, and once completed, the restoration team can get to work.

The removal of ashes and other damage

Alongside the removal of debris, some fire damage restoration teams, including Jacob’s Ladder, remove ashes and other debris from your personal belongings (with permission). Care is taken during this process, with privacy fully respected.


Finally, alongside many other additional services, fire damage restoration experts often offer reconstruction of damaged structural components and other areas of the property, for example, the roof and structural shoring.

These repairs make your home safer, allowing you to return to your regular life much sooner. During the whole process experts will be on hand to offer additional options and support, ensuring the restoration project is handled with care, professionalism, and respect for your property and personal belongings.

The bottom line

If upon reading this article you realize you need a fire damage restoration expert in the Kentucky area, then the Jacob’s Ladder team can help you, providing the above services and more.

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