How Often Should You Replace Roof Shingles?

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Roofing

Often, an ignored part of any home or property is the roof. Unless there is any evident physical damage, such as a leak, fallen tiles, or other damage, many homeowners forget or refrain from paying their roof the attention it deserves.

According to the NRCA, you should inspect your roof twice a year for any signs of damage. This can be done either by yourself or if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can call out a roofing contractor.

Failure to inspect your roof regularly may result in damage to the shingles, whether developing mold or rot, water damage, dark spots, or detaching from the roof completely.

This article will discuss how often you should replace roof shingles, how you know when to replace these, and the importance of regular roofing inspections.

How often should you replace roof shingles?

As a general rule of thumb, your roof shingles need to be replaced between every twelve and seventy-five years. We understand this is a large time frame; however, this is dependant on the shingle material.

For example, composition shingles last anywhere from twelve to twenty years, asphalt fifteen to thirty years, and metal fifty to seventy-five years on average.

How do you know when to replace these?

Regular inspections will determine when your shingles need to be replaced. However, storm damage, living in a windy area, or somewhere where it constantly rains will decrease the life-span of these.

Therefore, bi-yearly inspections help catch shingle damage early, saving you money in the long-run, especially if your roof was to collapse.

The importance of regular roofing inspections

Checking your roof for signs of damage twice a year allows you to analyze the integrity during multiple climates. You should also schedule inspections before and after severe storm warnings, such as hurricanes.

Keeping on top of your roof maintenance means replacing shingles less often and reducing costs in the long-run. Not to mention it’s a whole load safer too, especially if a storm is to hit.

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